The 5 Most Used Mobile Apps for Chat


Gone are the days when people have to wait days just to send a telegram. We all live in a fast-paced reality where we get everything in a snap.

In today’s world, it is essential to have instant messaging apps. These applications allow instant communication between people. Aside from casual day-to-day conversations between friends, these programs also aid in making business transactions easier.

Here are five widely used instant messaging applications on mobile.

1. Facebook Messenger


Facebook has widely expanded its services and now has its own instant messaging app. Facebook Messenger is an app that supports the instant messaging services that can be used within the website and extends the features on mobile.

Users can message their Facebook friends through this app. They can also create group chats for seamless mass messaging. Chatting using this app is also fun because it boasts of a wide range of stickers, GIFs and emojis. Customizing the conversation is also possible — each chat box is customizable and is very fun to tinker with.

Facebook Messenger is available both on Android and iOS devices. They have different looks on different mobile operating systems but boast of the same features.

2. Viber


Looking for a fun but easy way to communicate with your friends, family, and colleagues? If yes, then Viber is the instant messaging app for you.

Once you download Viber, you will be asked to input your mobile number. You will use this to log in to the server. It will then sync your cell phone’s contacts so that everyone who has Viber installed will be automatically added to your app’s contact list.

It is fun to use this app because you can use a wide variety of stickers and emoticons. You can also send photos and videos within the app. Video calling is also possible.

If you want to call numbers worldwide, it is also possible via the Viber Out service. Just pay a small fee, and you’ll be able to call anyone from anywhere in the world.

Viber is downloadable in both Android and iOS mobile phones.

3. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of the most widely-used messaging apps in the world today. It is very easy to use, and can also sync with your mobile’s contact list. Creating a group is also possible, so communicating with your friends, co-workers, and family will be very easy for you.

You can use this app to send photos, videos, and text messages. The best thing about this app is it does not have advertisements. It is a very popular app and is used by many people from all over the world. It is also free, which makes it a very attractive instant messaging app.

4. Skype


Skype is an app owned by Microsoft. It is mostly used for video conferences and voice calling. However, Skype can also be utilized for chatting and instant messaging. Aside from that, it has file sharing features and can be used to send messages even when the recipient is offline. You can also opt to top up and use your Skype account for calling phones from all over the world.

5. Telegram


Do you easily get paranoid when sending messages online?

If yes, then Telegram is for you.

This instant messaging app is available both on Android and iOS. It is best for people who want a secure way to connect with other people. All messages are encrypted. The app has a secure chat setting which involves highly-encrypted messaging. The user also has the option to make their messages self-destruct.

Aside from being a very secure way of communicating with others, it has great file-sharing capabilities.

There are so many other instant messaging applications for mobile phones, but these are the ones that top the list. Communicating with people from all over the globe has never been this easy! There is no longer a need for expensive long distance calls and pricey text messages. Technology is amazing!

So, are you interested in downloading any of these popular instant messaging applications? Pack your smartphone with any of these applications. Communicating will be easier for you, and you will get the chance to reconnect with people whom you haven’t spoken to for a long while.

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