An Overview of Automated Phone Messaging

Increasing Prospective Customers

For a number of medium and smaller sized firms, voice broadcasting is quickly becoming a simplified solution to accessing a larger potential customer market. This, of course, results in increased sales which will lead to greater profits. The primary advantage of voice broadcasting is the ability to rapidly send out voice messages to a large number of individuals without the limitations that can be inherent in live operator calls. The only drawback you may run into is in understanding the many different voice broadcasting options and services that are currently available.

It’s important to understand that a good quality phone dialer service can effectively target prospective clients within a specified community. This can be accomplished without running into the legal difficulties that can result from attempts to contact those who have placed their phone numbers on the nationwide “Do Not Call List” (for SMS marketing campaigns, unwanted text messages have huge monetary penalties for the sender). In addition, you will have the option of utilizing a different message for an answering machine/voice mail as opposed to contact with a live person.

Voice Broadcasting Offers Many Options

Higher quality voice broadcasting systems are capable of transmitting messages to either single recipients or to thousands of individuals. These messages have proven to be effective whether they are played to an electronic messaging device or to a live person. Some of the other options that are available (which are the most popular) will include voice broadcasting messages pertaining to community events, emergency alerts, sales promotions and pending appointments.

There are also a variety of voice broadcasting systems that make it possible to customize a long or short message that will actually allow a live person to give a response. This is accomplished by pressing the touch keys on their phones at designated prompts. This will also allow a call recipient to transfer over to a live operator or any other third party of your choice.

Techniques of Voice Broadcasting

While the utilization of a phone dialer service is relatively simplistic when you opt for a high quality service, the real key to success lies in the crafting of the messages, themselves. You don’t want to skimp or cut corners when you create your message scripts, since this is the cornerstone of your initial customer communication.

This boils down to a simple premise. The results of your voice broadcasting efforts will be directly related to your message quality and the quality of the customer list that you have compiled. The message quality will hinge on an attention-getting attractive offer placed at the beginning of the message and reiterated at the end of the message. With only a few short seconds to get the person’s attention, you should lead off with your most powerful and most popular product or service.

The conclusion of the voice broadcasting message should always be a call to action. That call to action should be definitive and not weak, by any means. The critical component of the call to action is to instill a desire to hear more about the offer. Like a novel that is considered a “page turner”, each sentence of the message should be designed to make the listener want to hear the next sentence. The more successful you are at creating a message like this, the more positive your results will be.

Finding a High Quality Voice Broadcasting Service

It only takes a little research to track down a feature-rich, high quality and inexpensive voice broadcasting service. You may find the cost surprisingly low when it comes to quickly getting up and running with your voice broadcasting campaign or promotion.

Another benefit of a good voice broadcasting service is that it can provide you with the capability and bandwidth of a service that will be found in a much larger call center. This can make a small company competitive with larger firms within their particular market niche, allowing for previously impossible levels of economic growth.

Some Types of Services

  • DynamicIC Call Tracking – offers voice broadcasting and call tracking
  • CloudBroadcast Phone Messaging – a website app offering broadcasting services (further information on appointment reminders), voice broadcasting, and text messaging
  • CallFire – a leading cloud call center platform.
  • MobileProfile – SMS marketing platform.
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