6 Reasons Why Buying the iPhone 7 is a Waste of Money


Apple has finally released its new iPhone 7 and 7 plus, but is it worth buying?

The sales of the iPhone 7 have skyrocketed, and it’s currently sold out everywhere, but is it enough to say it’s the best smartphone to buy?

If you haven’t noticed, the iPhone 7 is better, but it isn’t a significant improvement over its predecessor, the iPhone 6s.

Here are seven reasons why you should just wait for the next iPhone

1 – Almost Same Design

The iPhone 7 does have some changes in its new shell, but you can fit some of the old 6s cases as long as the new camera fits. Except the antenna bands, new camera and the loss of a headphone jack, the design is pretty much the same. Apple didn’t stray away from the 6s design. A quick glance won’t be enough to differentiate the two models.

There’s also the exclusion of the headphone jack, so let’s talk about that.

2 – No Headphone Jack

This is a double-edged sword for most users. The iPhone started as an innovative smartphone combining the elements from the first iPod touch and phone services. It has been the leading media device for music playing. The exclusion of the headphone jack is hard on those who invested in expensive wired headphones. They did include a lightning adapter for your headphones, but you won’t be able to charge while you’re using your phone.

The new airpods are indeed innovative, but they’re just too pricey. It’s impractical to buy. You can get better headphones for the price you’re paying.

3 – Hard to Order

For Apple’s latest phone, it could be one of the toughest to order. It’s tough to order it through their website especially since they bundled it with service providers. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get an open-line version of the iPhone 7, so you might have to pay extra just to get your unit.

4 – New Camera, Not so Different

The 7 and 7 plus do have new cameras, and they have new features. With better optical zoom and a dual camera system for the 7 plus, you can use the depth-of-field option, but it isn’t far from the quality of the 6s camera. Not everyone uses the depth-of-field feature, so if you’re not into that, you don’t necessarily have to upgrade to the 7 plus. Both the cameras of the 6s and 7 have 4k video recording, so the difference isn’t too big. You might want to wait for the next iPhone instead since it’s probably less than a year away.

5 – Nothing New With the Screen

According to Apple, the new screen of the iPhone 7 is 25% brighter, but it’s still a 1080p display. If you compare it to its main competitor, the S7 still has a better display with its OLED screen. You’ll be paying a lot of money for a slight upgrade.

6 – Thick Bezels

If you look at other phones in the market today, the iPhone 7 is probably one of the thicker ones out there. The bezels are just thicker. The iPhone 7’s feel is just thick and bulky. If you compare it to the slim S7, you’ll feel the difference.

7 – Apple is Holding Back

Apparently, Apple is milking every opportunity to make money. The iPhone 7 is a business strategy to make tons of money with minimal upgrades. Next year will be the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. This only means that we can expect HUGE upgrades next year for the next iPhone models. An OLED curved screen, wireless charging, a dual-gorilla glass design and a revamped look is what to expect next year, according to the rumors. Next year is a big year for Apple, so if you want a bigger bang for your buck, wait a little longer for the next iPhone.

If you want to upgrade your phone right away, go ahead, but know that Apple is holding back their trump cards. Next year’s iPhone is going to be a huge release, so we recommend waiting a bit before buying an iPhone.

Image by: MaxAbout.com
Image by: MaxAbout.com

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