5 Recipe Smartphone Apps You Should Download Today


Everywhere we go, we bring our phones with us – from the bedroom to the office. So why not use it in the kitchen as well? Cooking apps are taking over smartphone apps, simply because they offer step-by-step instructions on how to make meals, create a meal plan, discover new dishes, and more.

Cooking at home is now made easy as you can stay healthy and save money with available recipe apps. The app store is filled with tons of free and premium apps that offer helpful tips to preparing your meals.

With food apps, you can simply look at your phone for quick lists, directions, and measurements for recipes you enjoy. You can find everything from restaurant guides, best reviews for natural products, and even how to dice an onion properly. Whatever you’re looking for to create a perfect dish, there are tons of apps to help you.

Here are five recipe smartphone apps you should download today.

1. Food Network in the Kitchen

Before the era of smartphone and apps were available, Food Network had already established itself as a known website for recipes from Chefs all over the world. Now, you can take your favorite dishes with you and search by the cuisine, type of ingredients, meals, and even the recipes of your favorite chef. Each recipe is labeled by difficulty level, and many come with a video tutorial to help you along the way.

New cooks can benefit from the most helpful features, user reviews and measurement adjustments to suit your crowd. You can share the recipe with your family and friends or even click the print-friendly recipe.

2. BigOven

With other 350,000 recipes available, BigOven will keep you busy with new recipes to try every day. You can search through the recipes, save the ones you like, download a meal plan and even create a grocery list for the week. You will find a series of featured recipes for the day on the main page. The navigation is simple as you can scroll through to search by category or see what’s new. Looking for great lunch ideas? They got it. Are you preparing a meal for a particular time of the year of the holidays? They got it. Do you have certain dietary restrictions or looking special foods? They cover all sorts of diets.

Once you sign up, you can save recipes, place them on your calendar along with the servings you need and the app will save it for you. Plus the app offers seasonal categories to help you get inspired for the season.

3. Epicurious

The app Epicurious grabs recipes from all over the internet and compiles them into a single app. You can find meals from various websites such as Gourmet, Bon Appetit, and more. Simply search for any recipe by categories like dessert, main ingredient, or even kid-friendly dishes. You will find recipes for every type, taste, and occasion. All recipes provide photos, directions, and an ingredient list to make shopping easier. Find you find the recipes you like; you can add them to your favorite to save for later.

4. Yummly

Yummly has a strong search engine that provides hundreds, if not thousands of recipes for you to try and experiment. You can filter the searches to fit your needs and lifestyle as well as diet. If you’re on a diet but still want to enjoy a healthy burger, Yummly will provide you with various healthy diet-friendly burger recipes. Got a food allergy that’s got you worried about what you can eat and not eat? Yummly will adjust the search engine and provide only recipes that will work for you.

5. Garden Plate

While Garden Plate is dedicated to vegans and vegetarians alike, anyone can use the app to find healthy dishes to prepare. You can way add your choice of meat to the recipes or on their own as a larger serving of vegetables. You can keep track of your favorite dishes and share them on social media accounts. The app is free, but if you want to unlock all the recipes, you will have to purchase the full app version. However, there are plenty of easy recipes to choose from without the need of having to buy the entire app. While there aren’t any video tutorials, the recipes come with beautiful photos.

Have you tried any of these recipe apps on your smartphone? Comment below and tell us your favorite app!

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